Strive to get outside of your comfort zone at least once a day

What are you waiting for? What is your mind telling you this time? Stop procrastinating and just do it already. You know you want to. Your soul wants to, while you’re mind is the one telling you otherwise. What are you, yes you, going to do to fight the nonsense that your mind is throwing in your face? Are you going to let the true desire of your soul drown in a pool of procrastination, or are you going to stand up and be the man or woman you know you are deep within? Everybody has it, everybody has that fire within them and the match to light it with. Grab your match and light your fire, because life is TOO SHORT not to.


As I am writing this, it’s 9 pm and I am sitting at the library and not at home. I forced myself to get out of my apartment and somewhere where I knew there would be no way to not work. I didn’t start thinking about it, I just did it. I just grabbed my computer, packed my bag and got out the door. I put on some shoes and a jacket too, but then I got out the door… Out into the cold, rainy weather and into the library where I knew I would be able to focus on what really mattered, even though my mind told me that it would have really been nice just to stay at home Netflix for a couple of hours and then go to bed. Instead, I chose to punch a hole in my comfort zone bubble and defy the persuading music my mind was playing for me. And that is what it’s all about: forcing yourself to lift your head up off the soft cushion that is your comfort zone and hit the hard ground running.


It is outside our comfort zone that we improve and grow stronger as men and women. I once read an Instagram post by physical therapist Andreas Saltasin which he discussed the very concept of just doing it. In this post, he quoted a phrase that has stuck with me to this very day and, in fact, this very moment. You may have heard it and I guarantee you don’t utilize it enough, but the fact is that the phrase “strive to get outside of your comfort zone at least once a day” is a mantra we should all be gripping with all the power we possess and live by it every single day. Every time I face a frightening situation; a presentation, an exam, a meeting or whatever it may be, I always recall this phrase. Strive to get outside of your comfort zone at least once a day. Once I bring these words before my consciousness, I realize that any situation I might be fearful of is not a circumstance with a possible frightening consequence, it is an opportunity with a likely favorable conclusion.


Remember to strive to get outside of your comfort zone at least once a day, because the choice is yours and yours only. So, I guess there is only one thing left to ask:

Will you grab the match and light your fire, or will you let the burning desire drown and die out in the pool of procrastination?


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