If you just put your mind to it…

I can’t believe it. I cannot believe that it actually happened. I made my dream come to fruition. Well, not fully of course, but for one day, I lived the life I one day want to live. It didn’t just happen though, I made it happen. I put my mind to it. I created an opportunity, and I took it.

Two months ago, I got the only thing I had put on my wishlist for my birthday: a microphone. One month ago I started using that very microphone to record content for a podcast – my podcast – a podcast I had seen myself create in my vision, back before I even had the microphone. Yesterday I interviewed two people, one from Australia and one from the United – States – of – America. Both big fitness icons. Me? I’m just some small, unknown, 22-year-old kid from a small country called Denmark. There are 5 million people in Denmark. There are 7 billion people in the world. What are the odds of a small, unknown, 22-year-old kid from a small country making it to the interview-big-leads? Somewhere in the low percentiles, I figure… What are the odds of making it, though, if I just put my mind to it? A hundred-and-ten percent, I figure.

Our minds can work wonders. It is the one place where everything begins and simultaneously where everything ends. In this hostile environment, a single idea can be killed just as quickly as it was born. It’s up to us, you and me, to keep those ideas alive. Whether you choose to believe this is the case or not, YOU are the one who holds the one key to your mind. Some people have to turn that key harder and longer than others but in the essence of it all, everyone and anyone has the ability to pick up their key and begin turning it.

I’ve begun turning my key. I put my mind to it and I’m grateful. I’m grateful that I discovered this very fact, this very fact that the only thing that stands between you and the rest of the world is the barrier that is your mind, and you hold the one key to that barrier. You are an individual, and therefore you are unique. No key fits your mind but the one you hold. No one can turn it but you. Some people may help you discover your key and help guide your hands towards it, but it is your fingers that will have to grasp that key and just begin turning.

Nothing has taught me more this year than the art of doing instead of thinking. It is such a major key (no pun intended), and it has gotten me so far already. What’s your dream? Who says you can’t live it right now? Who is stopping you from living it but yourself? Is someone holding you back? I refuse to believe that. The only thing holding you back is your thoughts about other people’s thoughts about you. There are two things within your mind: ideas and thoughts. Ideas were made to live and thoughts have a license to kill. Do you know the story of the baby green turtle? As the renowned British filmmaker, Sir David Attenborough puts it: “Few creatures start life with the odds for success so heavily stacked against them” – the very first seconds of a baby green turtles life revolve around one single purpose that is to get from the beach to the sea. From the moment they hatch from their eggs, buried under the sand, they face an enormous amount of challenges to get to their destination and reach the success that is survival. Okay, I know that was a very weird cut, but think about it… How different is the story of the hatching baby green turtle from the story of your hatching idea? Any idea you have starts its life out with the odds for success so heavily stacked against it. The very first seconds of an idea’s life revolve around one single purpose that is to get from the corners of your mind to the world outside, and every time it comes a step closer to freedom it faces another threat, another challenge, another thought. Your thoughts have an insatiable hunger for the blood of your ideas and they’ll stop at nothing in the quest for sucking them dry. A great idea is way too often killed in the line of fire, a firestorm of bullets that are your thoughts about what other people may think. Who gives a f*ck what other people think? It is all in your head, and there is only one thing that can save your ideas from your thoughts about them: they key, your key. Remember who has the power to turn that key? You.

If you just put your mind to it, anything can be accomplished. You need to blindly devote your energy to turning your key, even though it seems like the door won’t give. The door will give, believe that. Put your unconditional faith into it, and eventually, it will give.

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