3 steps to less stress

“Emotions make excellent servants, but tyrannical masters”

Acknowledge, accept, act. These three steps are essential to relieving stress, and anybody has the ability to learn them. A stressful mind is a clouded mind that clouds our judgement, separates us from the present and restrains our potential. Feeling depressed will put us down and keep us from going up, because once you start to overwhelm your mind with negative thoughts, it becomes increasingly harder to break free of these.


Resistance holds you back. Acknowledgement moves you forward. Having the ability to acknowledge is powerful, and using this ability is the most important step towards a clearer mind. Acknowledging a problem is tough, even though you know it’s there. Often, the problems we face tend to get stored away and will start build up inside of us, until we pick these problems out one by one, and actually start acknowledging them. If we keep storing and ignoring our problems, the mind gets overwhelmed and meltdowns become inevitable. Everyone knows the feeling, most people hate it and few people deal with it. Find, acknowledge and recognize the problem, before you find it hard to recognize yourself.


Once you’ve actually come to see that there is a problem by acknowledging it, you can begin to accept it. Acceptance is key, since it is the link in the chain where you either start moving forward or plummet back to square one. There is often very little you can do to change a situation, the only thing you can do is change the way you act towards that situation. A situation will always remain the same until you change the way you choose to perceive it.


You can change the way you perceive a situation and you can change the way you FEEL about it. So, once you’ve learned how to acknowledge a problem, and accept it for what it is, you can finally take action and change the way you feel about the problem.

3 quick ways to acknowledge, accept and act:

The cliché that says; “everybody has problems, just get over it”, tends not to do any good when it comes to moving on from a problem. Here are three ways to actually control your problems instead of having them control you:

1) Breathe

One way to instantly deal with stress in any situation is to focus on your breath. Most of us breathe short and shallow breaths, which increase in frequency once we are stressed. The power of stopping for a moment and taking a deep breath is widely underrated. Inhale for four seconds and exhale for four seconds. Inhale for four seconds and exhale for four seconds. Inhale for four seconds and exhale for four seconds. Feel better? Whenever you feel overwhelmed, repeat this method three or four times to feel renewed and recentered.

2) Be grateful

This is a tip from entrepreneur and podcaster Lewis Howes, who uses the act of being grateful as a form of speed-meditation and instant stress relief. Any time he feels overwhelmed or out sync, as he calls it, he’ll stop for a moment and acknowledge something he is grateful for, whatever it may be, big or small. He finds that it will help center and resynchronize his state of mind.

3) Meditate

A third way is to learn how to meditate. Many think that meditating is too difficult or time consuming, but it can actually be done in as little as 10 minutes. If you train your mind by meditating daily, it will grow stronger and more resilient just like any muscle you would work in the gym, and you will actually make it harder for stress to affect you. A great, free way to learn how to meditate is by using the Headspace app. With Headspace you get 10 guided meditations for free, that you can revisit at any time. So if you want to stick with the free version that provides 100 minutes of free guided meditation, you can go back and select any of these 10 installments whenever you feel the need to lessen your stress.



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